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Insurance for your home
Avoid Costly Repairs Save time and aggravation Prevents Clogs No ladders to climb No Flooded Basements
Leafree® gutter protection system
Fits easily over your home’s existing gutters Protects from snow and ice, leaves, pine needles and other debris Withstands the heaviest rainfalls Comes with a lifetime Clog-Free Guarantee Is available in 15 colors ( plus copper ) to match your gutters
Serving The Leigh Valley since 1999  
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Gutter protection system are ‘’ insurance ‘’ for your home They are a proven solution to avoiding costly repairs caused by water that is not properly channeled because of blockage. You have to decide how much it is worth to you to avoid ladders and annual aggravation of cleaning your gutters. If you have avoided doing this, you are inviting trouble. Clogged gutters impair water flow and can be worth than having no gutters at all. If you do not have the time or ability to clean your gutters and perform regular maintenance, then you will want the protection of gutter guards of some sort. While no leaf protection system is flawless, gutter guards significantly help to prevent clogs from birds’ nests, debris, plant life and pests from accumulating in your gutters. Overall, gutter guards and covers will save you time and aggravation and they are immeasurably more convenient than climbing ladders every year and cleaning the gutters yourself. We sell and install a wide range of Gutter Protection System. We will be glad to meet with you and suggest a product to meet your unique leaf protection needs taking into account your home , surrounding foliage, and level of maintenance you are prepared to accept. See how each unique feature helps make LeaFree® the leader in gutter protection.
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